January 29, 2008

GLMA Blog and listserv – Must Reads for GA SLMSs

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Our Georgia Library Media Association has started a new blog that I highly recommend you subscribe to or visit on a regular basis. It’s a “community blog,” with SLM people from all over the state contributing on a monthly basis. You will find some UGA people there. It’s worth it just to see Susan Grigsby’s monthly calendars, which include every possible almanac event you would ever want to know about.

From January through March, GLMA helps us keep tabs on the Georgia General Assembly. Updates come across their listserv almost daily, sometimes containing calls to action. As budget talks progress, we need to know what the people under the Gold Dome are thinking.

Blogs are very easy to subscribe to if you use a “reader.” If you want to use Google’s, just find “Reader” under the “More” area. If you have a GMail account and an iGoogle page, you can have blog entries delivered automatically to your Reader or to your iGoogle portal. I’m still working on the email subscription to this blog to make it ultra easy for you, but after hours of trying have had no luck.

Don’t forget to send calendar information this week regarding EDIT 6380 for summer Saturdays – I’ll continue to take input through Feb 2. We are looking at Saturdays only and trying to eliminate dates on which a large number of people would have to miss.


January 24, 2008

Reminders for Jan 26

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Plans are set for Saturday. It looks like the lunch plans are not the least of these!

Dr. Tallman will be there.  Beth will take the lead on the topic of censorship (have you done your private reflection yet?)   We will touch a number of selection tools, so don’t forget to bring your example for show and tell.

On the housekeeping front, summer course information is beginning to become available. I will start gathering preferences for my summer course meetings, as soon as I figure out the best way to do this.

And of course, I will answer all of your questions about the SP Draft and there will be group time.

The Exhibition list seems nearly complete. I am very happy with the balance and there is little chance that I will ask someone to shift.

My entire web site was down earlier today but seems to be working fine now.  It made me realize, for about 2 hours, how much I depend upon my own website as a representation of my brain!  Here’s hoping for no further technical difficulties.

Tomorrow I have the normal Friday round of meetings and will fall behind on email.  I look forward to seeing you on Saturday, 9a, A1880!

January 22, 2008

Feels like Monday

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Doesn’t it? I hope you all had a nice holiday yesterday and enjoyed the wintry weather. In Macon, we had notone flake. 😦

I realize that many of you, due to your many obligations, probably don’t even think about this class during the week after, perhaps unless there is an assignment due. Sometimes, I’m the same way, I’m afraid!

But one person was busy working on her Exhibition and asked this question: “May the handout/take-home be front-and-back?” I answered: “yes.” My goal is to save a forest, and you may pack as much info onto a single piece of paper as you can. However, you may not need that much space – that’s ok too.

Plans are well underway for Saturday. Your private censorship reflection will be very important, because it will have given you a chance to think on your own before all of us weigh in on the topic. Once again, we will not require you to verbalize your specific opinions on issues, at any point. You may volunteer them, certainly. I hadn’t thought about this, but perhaps intellectual freedom also includes the right to keep our opinions to ourselves, something I value highly!

I’m sure I’ll have more comments as the week wears on, but I want to keep these posts brief.

BTW – if the weather starts playing tricks at any point during your classes with me, watch SLM-L for announcements. Waiting for UGA to close, given our geographical dispersion, is not always a reasonable plan! I will consider all of you, north and south, in my thinking.

January 17, 2008


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I learn so much from your questions.

Saturday, during group time, several questions came up that I wanted to capture for everyone. (It’s a real danger, when working with cooperative learning groups, to say something to one group and think you’ve said it to everybody!)

One group sought to align selection principles and criteria with goals, objectives, and selection targets. I can certainly see where they got this idea! (I’m sure I give the impression that everything must be aligned with everything.) Let me clarify: annually, you set program goals and objectives, and from these come selection targets. Alongside, you have your general selection principles and criteria that do not change (much) from year to year. While you might refer back and forth, and use some to help justify the other, you need not align these. Said another way, do align your Targets to your Goals/Objectives, and then I think you can stop.

The same group looked through Information Power to find some Selection Principles. That works – just pick out the ones that have to do with the collection. For example: p.83, Principle 5 works as a Selection Principle.

Another place to look is Bishop p. 42. While reading through, I had marked out Selection Objectives and replaced it with Selection Principles. In the interest of a shared vocabulary amongst members of the class, I recommend that you do the same. This list of bullets works well as principles.

There is no hard and fast rule about these – your Media Committee (or equivalent) gets to decide what these should be. Your job in this class is to collect a starting list so that you won’t have to start from scratch on the job.

Keep asking questions! They keep me on my toes and make life interesting.

January 14, 2008

Walk a Little Taller

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Thank you all for a great class Saturday.

Today, I:

  • firmed up the assignment due dates as we agreed
  • updated the agenda to reflect what we did – which was everything
  • reflected about things I wish I had said, which I plan to blog about (but not today)
  • wrote my Teaching Philosophy (for the award nomination) – this might explain some crazy things I do, if you’re interested
  • checked the Exhibition topics so far. So far, so good!

Some great questions came up during Group Time Saturday. I will blog separately about each of those that need sharing with the whole class.

Finally for today, I would like to share something I heard yesterday in a sermon. The topic was actually Harriet Tubman. Did you know (I didn’t!) that she was hit in the forehead with a heavy piece of lead while enslaved, and as a result she suffered from daily sleeping fits for the rest of her life? She would be doing something or talking to someone and just fall over, asleep. What a handicap that must have been, making her accomplishments seem all the more heroic. (This is the kind of detail that kids love to hear about, by the way.)
Anyway, there’s a museum in Macon called the Tubman African American Museum. Many school children have visited it for field trips over the years. A sign near the door says:

Some people leave here walking a little taller.

It occurred to me that this is an important reason for us to “diversify” our collections, as we discussed on Saturday. Regardless what the diversity itself may be, our students need to see themselves in school library materials – so that they can “walk a little taller.” This principle has guided media material selection for many years, but I particularly like the way the Tubman sign expresses it.

January 11, 2008


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Thanks to all of you who have volunteered for Jobs!

The Agenda is now ready.

Our Exhibition Manager will be Lisa D. We will thoroughly discuss this project tomorrow. If you would like to go ahead and claim your topic, you will be able to do that tomorrow. There are many eligible topics – an infinite number, really – so don’t be concerned if you aren’t ready to commit yet.

My contact info is now posted clearly on the WebCT/6340 homepage. Use as needed. The points of contact are listed in order of my preference, but please don’t hesitate to go all the way to the bottom of the list. These numbers are not private, but I would prefer not to see them on a). billboards; b). bathroom walls; c). open web pages. (Who needs more spam, right?)

What should you bring tomorrow?

  • nametag to wear
  • laptops are welcome, but not required (wireless is … iffy in our usual classroom)
  • prints of anything you want to hold in your hand (perhaps the syllabus and the Selection Policy Draft) – all materials should always be accessible online, so you won’t “lose” anything
  • your Bishop and possibly Information Power
  • other things needed for EDIT 6360 (I don’t know about those)

I look forward to seeing you in A1880. (I have no clue if that room is really available, but directions will be posted if it’s not.)

January 10, 2008

Runway Message 2

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Since yesterday I’ve been working on our Agenda and playing with this new blog. Nearly everything is ready for Saturday, although I have lots of tasks I still want to do before then!

Specific announcements:

1. Bring and wear a nametag for Saturday.

2. Check out the Jobs page and email me to sign up. First come first served! We especially need an Exhibition Manager – and this person is exempt from the Exhibition assignment. Update: Exhibition Manager hired – Lisa D.!

3. Look for yourself in WebCt. I auto-loaded the roll, and so if you don’t see EDIT 6340 on your list of WebCt courses, then you should check with me ASAP!

4. I think it’s safe to print the syllabus now (or not, because it will always be available online). If you like to print assignment descriptions, consider printing the Selection Policy Draft and the Exhibition for Saturday.

Let me know if you find something amiss.

January 9, 2008

Runway Message 1

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We’re on the runway preparing for EDIT 6340 take off on Saturday, Jan 12.

Here’s the message I sent today over SLM-L to help us get started:



I am heavily into preps for Saturday. No agenda yet, but here's what I know so far:

1. Plan to come to our "old" room A1880. This is NOT the room listed in OASIS. I will use the same strategy from the past: check to see if the room is available and gain access if at all possible. If that fails, look for a note directing you to the proper room. We will almost certainly be in Building A, somewhere.

2. Assignments and due dates: my major work so far has been in updating and adjusting all the assignments. These are now ready for your review; we will go through them on Saturday. Dr. Tallman will be there also. After she finishes her talk with you, I would like to firm up the due dates. Take some time before Sat. to look at my proposed deadlines and see how they line up with your life and with Dr. Tallman's deadlines. We can adjust some of them, and your input is important.

3. Groups/teams: There will be time for your initial team meeting at the end of the day. If you want to be thinking about adjusting team membership, it's ok to work on that now. I do know that some teams are very happy and won't change; others might want to make adjustments; and we have at least 2 people without teams at all, in case you are looking for a 3rd person. I want everyone to leave with a team placement on Saturday and get right to work on Project One.

4. I've been reading the Bishop book and it is very good. You are safe to read from the beginning if you're anxious to get started.

That's enough for today - I'm sure there will be more to come prior to Saturday.