January 9, 2008

Runway Message 1

Posted in Updates at 6:47 pm by maf

We’re on the runway preparing for EDIT 6340 take off on Saturday, Jan 12.

Here’s the message I sent today over SLM-L to help us get started:



I am heavily into preps for Saturday. No agenda yet, but here's what I know so far:

1. Plan to come to our "old" room A1880. This is NOT the room listed in OASIS. I will use the same strategy from the past: check to see if the room is available and gain access if at all possible. If that fails, look for a note directing you to the proper room. We will almost certainly be in Building A, somewhere.

2. Assignments and due dates: my major work so far has been in updating and adjusting all the assignments. These are now ready for your review; we will go through them on Saturday. Dr. Tallman will be there also. After she finishes her talk with you, I would like to firm up the due dates. Take some time before Sat. to look at my proposed deadlines and see how they line up with your life and with Dr. Tallman's deadlines. We can adjust some of them, and your input is important.

3. Groups/teams: There will be time for your initial team meeting at the end of the day. If you want to be thinking about adjusting team membership, it's ok to work on that now. I do know that some teams are very happy and won't change; others might want to make adjustments; and we have at least 2 people without teams at all, in case you are looking for a 3rd person. I want everyone to leave with a team placement on Saturday and get right to work on Project One.

4. I've been reading the Bishop book and it is very good. You are safe to read from the beginning if you're anxious to get started.

That's enough for today - I'm sure there will be more to come prior to Saturday.


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