January 11, 2008


Posted in Updates at 2:19 pm by maf

Thanks to all of you who have volunteered for Jobs!

The Agenda is now ready.

Our Exhibition Manager will be Lisa D. We will thoroughly discuss this project tomorrow. If you would like to go ahead and claim your topic, you will be able to do that tomorrow. There are many eligible topics – an infinite number, really – so don’t be concerned if you aren’t ready to commit yet.

My contact info is now posted clearly on the WebCT/6340 homepage. Use as needed. The points of contact are listed in order of my preference, but please don’t hesitate to go all the way to the bottom of the list. These numbers are not private, but I would prefer not to see them on a). billboards; b). bathroom walls; c). open web pages. (Who needs more spam, right?)

What should you bring tomorrow?

  • nametag to wear
  • laptops are welcome, but not required (wireless is … iffy in our usual classroom)
  • prints of anything you want to hold in your hand (perhaps the syllabus and the Selection Policy Draft) – all materials should always be accessible online, so you won’t “lose” anything
  • your Bishop and possibly Information Power
  • other things needed for EDIT 6360 (I don’t know about those)

I look forward to seeing you in A1880. (I have no clue if that room is really available, but directions will be posted if it’s not.)


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