January 22, 2008

Feels like Monday

Posted in Intellectual Freedom, Updates tagged at 12:10 pm by maf

Doesn’t it? I hope you all had a nice holiday yesterday and enjoyed the wintry weather. In Macon, we had notone flake. 😦

I realize that many of you, due to your many obligations, probably don’t even think about this class during the week after, perhaps unless there is an assignment due. Sometimes, I’m the same way, I’m afraid!

But one person was busy working on her Exhibition and asked this question: “May the handout/take-home be front-and-back?” I answered: “yes.” My goal is to save a forest, and you may pack as much info onto a single piece of paper as you can. However, you may not need that much space – that’s ok too.

Plans are well underway for Saturday. Your private censorship reflection will be very important, because it will have given you a chance to think on your own before all of us weigh in on the topic. Once again, we will not require you to verbalize your specific opinions on issues, at any point. You may volunteer them, certainly. I hadn’t thought about this, but perhaps intellectual freedom also includes the right to keep our opinions to ourselves, something I value highly!

I’m sure I’ll have more comments as the week wears on, but I want to keep these posts brief.

BTW – if the weather starts playing tricks at any point during your classes with me, watch SLM-L for announcements. Waiting for UGA to close, given our geographical dispersion, is not always a reasonable plan! I will consider all of you, north and south, in my thinking.


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