March 11, 2008

The Plan for Grading Selection Policies

Posted in Updates at 12:13 pm by maf

Although I missed spending the majority of the day with the group of you Saturday, it was really quite nice to interact with so many of you one-on-one. The snowflakes were pretty (and luckily didn’t cause problems). I thank Beth and Stephanie for doing such a great job in leading the class all day, and I misspoke terribly when I said the word “substitute.” That was a brain glitch, and I apologize.

We will try our best to reschedule Marc McMullen. He did, in fact, have an emergency that prevented his coming.

As for the Selection Policies, here’s the plan: Beth and Stephanie are performing Round 1 evaluation this week. On Saturday, I will take them and work with them for two weeks, fully expecting to have finished them by March 29. Yes, this is a three week interval, longer than I like, but you have moved on into new territory work-wise and I suspect that it doesn’t matter much if I take an extra week.

I will keep updating you on things and in the meantime enjoy your spring break (if you’re having one), St. Patrick’s Day, and also all bunny-related events.


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