March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Posted in Updates at 7:12 am by maf

You never can tell about our weather.  Our last meeting (March 8), we had snow flurries.  One week later at GUC (my other classes met), we had tornado warnings and 80 degrees.  Amazing, really.

Try not to get pinched today.

Your Selection Policies successfully switched hands on Saturday, after reviews from Beth and Stephanie (thanks to them both!).  I will take the next 2 weeks to gradually work through them, with my target completion date of March 29.

In the meantime, here’s a reminder that we do NOT have class this coming Saturday – enjoy the day. I plan to!  This will be my first Saturday of no work commitment since Jan 5. (No need to feel sorry for me – I get my time off, you’d better believe it – but there’s something wonderful about a Saturday off.)

Make sure to check out the “holiday decorations” at Google.  And here’s a new goody from them:

Google Sky – read about it at Lifehacker here.

No, I still don’t own stock in Google (wish I could afford it!) but I continually admire their work.  We SLMS types should take full advantage of the wonderful free tools out there.

If you have questions about your Order Draft, do not hesitate to send them!  Have a nice week.


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