April 1, 2008

Order Draft followup – partial

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Here is a quick note from Beth as she wades through your drafts:

In addition to all the criteria, they need to include the publication year for each material.  The materials, according to the assignment, have to be recent, and there needs to be a way to account for that.

So – in case you’ve started your searching-for-titles process, make sure to gather the publication years. I provided a list of items needed for consideration file entries here.

More to come on this, and review is incomplete.  This is just a high-level caution that seems warranted before people go out and gather incomplete information.

Do not infer from this that you are expected to have been doing a lot of searching yet. I just know that some of you like to work ahead.


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  1. holly frilot said,

    For those of us who wanted to work ahead (pregnancy and whatnot) it’s really frustrating to have to go back and add multiple new categories. I know it’s my fault for working ahead. However, on the assignment page for the order (updated 3.17) it still says the categories I used (see below) so that page may need to be updated.

    “Submit vendor-ready lists of materials in the current order. include plenty of information about each item for adequate description: title, author, vendor, approximate price, classification, ISBN or other ordering number, and the specific reason(s) for buying each item.”

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