April 4, 2008

Fall Dates for your Consideration

Posted in Business at 5:54 am by maf

Thinking ahead to Fall 2008:

Most of you will take EDIT 6900 (M.Ed.s) or EDIT 7340 (Ed.S.s). For the moment, I’m scheduled to teach both of those and I am planning accordingly. (You never know how faculty assignments can change, but I’m not aware of any such changes for the moment.)

There are six Saturdays available, if we include Aug 16. Here’s the way it works:

  • Everybody saves the dates (9a-3p) for now.
  • Early in the semester (perhaps on Aug 16) I’ll publish more specific times.
  • Sometimes I will need one class or the other, and other times I will need both classes simultaneously.  Most often, it will work like this: EDIT 6900 first third of the day, EDIT 7340 last third, and overlap in the middle third.
  • There will be significant online work (asynchronous, but not discussion board) because this time frame does not constitute enough “seat time” (2,250 minutes are required).

For right now, the most important thing is to run dates by you. Here they are  – and I will “listen”  to your comments at least through Apr 12.

Aug 16, Sep 13, Sep 27, Oct 11, Nov 1, Nov 15.

Global due date will be Dec 1 for all classes.

We will talk about this, of course, on Apr 12.


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