April 18, 2008

A few details and updates

Posted in Updates at 6:31 am by maf

Here are some “intercom announcements” of middling importance:

  • Don’t sell your Bishop text!  I’m starting to think about EDIT 6380 just a tad and I see several sections in there that apply.
  • This blog will continue on to talk about EDIT 6380.
  • I will be asking Ed.S. students to subscribe to the AP blog as well – but no need to do that yet.
  • Remember Beth’s reference presentation of March 29?  I uploaded it into WebCT6340/Resources and referenced it from the Content page.
  • Similarly, I’m working on uploading Lisa’s files into WebCT.

One more thing: I am working on a scheme for Cataloging to deal with the absentees.  Since there will be several on each day (all with prior commitments, etc.), and since this is just a good practice, we need a capture mechanism for in-class events.  It won’t substitute for actually being there – and it’s still critical that as many people as possible attend, for critical mass and groupwork purposes.

I am going to ask each person to contribute to this effort. If two people are each responsible for each class hour, the burden will not be heavy on any one person.  I can also see that it will benefit us all.  I will explain this to you in detail in upcoming posts.  For the moment, be thinking: if your task is to “capture” class activity for one hour or so, how would you do it – using equipment you already have access to?  I have lots of ideas, but I bet that you could add to my list.  More to come, obviously, on this subject.

I hope your projects are progressing well. Note: I will be busy with weekend events and then meetings Monday and Tuesday.


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