May 8, 2008

Grading update and a bit about 6380

Posted in Updates at 9:57 am by maf

I know you’re getting antsy about grades; be assured that progress is taking place behind the scenes.

Remember that I had 3 classes to grade, 2 dissertations, syllabi due tomorrow, and a class to plan for next week – all of this going on simultaneously. Plus, these projects are huge. Deadlines and priorities rule!

I will likely need at least til Monday to get grades finalized.

Course evals: we have 24 of 27 done. Thank you! Still hoping for 100%. Last day will be May 12.

On another note, because I had to turn in the syllabi so early, you can view the preliminary EDIT 6380 syllabus here. Note: I am tweaking assignments, so don’t do any of them yet! If you’re just dying to get a head start, you are safe to begin reading either textbook (from the front) and doing the exercises. This early activity, however, is not required or expected. It’s ok with me if you show up unread on the first day of class. If I were you, I’d enjoy a little time off. There will be much more info coming next week about the Cataloging class.

Thank you for your patience!


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