May 19, 2008

Welcome to Cataloging

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Thank you all for a great class on Saturday.  I’m sorry it was so much of me talking.

For the summer, the main focus of this blog will be EDIT 6380.  I encourage all members of Cohort 7 to “keep watching” in case you’re not in the class and something comes across that pertains to the group.  Also, if you’re not an official member of C7, then I hope you will enjoy hanging out with us for awhile.

Today, I’ve done some class follow-up.  Not all of it, but a good deal.

I updated the Agenda to reflect what we really did.  I’m awaiting the notes to be finalized and will link them in as soon as I get them.  (If you are a notetaker, please don’t feel obligated to produce perfectly polished notes. They should be clean enough for understanding but we are tolerant of a booboo or two.  Efficiency more important than perfection for this task.)

I updated the syllabus with decisions we made regarding deadlines.

I added our two major due dates (6/23 and 7/21) to GCal/SLM. (Go to Google Calendar and search for SLM – it’s public.)

I added the blog subscription options to 6380 Home.  I highly recommend that you subscribe either through a Reader (RSS) or through email – I will use this blog as the primary group-push communication tool.

Lastly, I worked through a few of the individual issues for class members – not all of them yet.

I hope to put in a full week of work – although when the chainsaw crews show up, or the insurance guy shows up, I have to drop everything and pay attention!  Still, I hope to make a lot of progress. Let me know if I am overlooking something urgent.


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