May 20, 2008

Updates: Tuesday, May 20

Posted in Updates tagged , at 9:38 am by maf

I am thrilled to have my phone service back. (Outside, my cable and phone wires look patched together with duct tape, but things are working! Don’t hesitate to call if you feel the need.)

Quick notes:

  • I uploaded all of you into WebCT/6380. Check to see if you have access. I updated my contact info on the homepage there. The gradebook is not yet revised.
  • Nancy Andrews’ service project proposal went up on the Menu yesterday. (She is another one of our tried and true mentor alums. If you live near Athens, this is a good choice, but of course I think all of them are.)
  • As you read and work through your assignments, please send your questions. I will use this blog as one way of assisting you with them – although I will never reveal who asked the question, unless you wish. I have one of these queued up for the next day or two.
  • Finally, I worked a lot on your Order projects today from last semester. No output yet, but you will start seeing your feedback, team by team in the coming days.

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