May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Progress

Posted in Updates at 9:18 am by maf

I hope you all had a marvelous holiday, and I hope (for many of you) that your school years ended well.

Here, I’ve been working like mad on the other class, a chapter that’s due for submission this week, and continuing post-tornado cleanup. It’s a busy time!

A few updates for you:

  • Syllabus is now complete. (I reserve the right to make minor changes, but there will be no big new additions.)
  • After a few days of discussion among those it will affect most, I adopted an Absentee Giveback policy and tied it into the syllabus. Since this is the first semester I’ve tried this, I’m willing to see how it works out. To me, it seems a reasonable way to solve the dilemma of those who have unavoidable date conflicts in a required, offered-once-per-year class.
  • I added dropboxes for the KR assignment, so now there are separate dropboxes for each of the 3 chapters.
  • I added a “stub” file for Mortimer. You are safe to look at this, but it’s definitely incomplete. Once I’ve created all of the assignments for my other class, I will come back to this one. And, if you have any great ideas for designing this, I’ll be happy to hear them!

Beware of Summer Strain. Educators are accustomed to having some relaxation time during the summer – but for graduate students, it’s possible to over-commit and end up with little or no “off” time. I hope this hasn’t happened to you. The pace of summer classes is very fast – I wish you all well in keeping up with it.


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