June 4, 2008

Service Project Index and other tidbits

Posted in Updates tagged , at 8:18 am by maf

I’ll admit that I have been preoccupied with my other class and other things and look forward to returning my attention to cataloging matters soon. In the meantime here are some tidbits:

Melissa has put together our Service Project Index Page – thanks, Melissa!

The Service Project Menu had a new addition as late as last Friday. I know that there are a couple more percolating out there – this is for those of you who may not have chosen quite yet.

Our room number at the new UGA Gwinnett campus will be 119.

Buffy Hamilton has agreed to visit us on July 12 and talk about 2.0 cataloging.

Mortimer exercises: yes. Coming soon. Just read for now, if you are concerned about getting it done. Don’t do all the exercises in the book because I can see that I don’t think they’re all … important.

I am up to date on questions and have done a decent amount of assignment grading. Note: on group projects, I’ll wait until each team member has submitted reflections before grading, just so that I can keep everything together and review it once.

And – I’m pushing hard to get your Orders finally finished. Many apologies on the length of this task. Blame it on the tornado! I still am just barely managing to get the top priorities done each day (if that!)


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