June 6, 2008

Several text updates and Orders

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Seems like the summer weather is really here now! Even I enjoy air conditioning under these circumstances.

KR Text issues:

Allyson pointed out a discrepancy in the exercise regarding the 082 tag. If someone wants to research this as their absentee “giveback,” let me know – quickly; I don’t want the question to dangle too long.

Here’s a good question:

For our KR exercises, do you want us to explain the answers that we create for our exercises or do we just provide the answer?

My answer is: No explanations necessary. šŸ™‚ The submissions I’ve seen so far look fine. I’m trying to “do a dab” on these various assignments each day, in order submitted (usually).

Mortimer: I hope that no one is actually all finished and waiting on these exercises to be published. But here is what I’m thinking: 1). Everybody read. 2). Do selected exercises (I am selecting them now and publishing the ones chosen so far on the assignment description page). 3). I will make a “quiz” (open-book, low-risk, repeatable) in WebCT for you to “pass.” Any concerns about this?

A comment about KR: whew. As I reread this text (trying to reconcile with the older edition), I am struck once again as I am every time I teach this class – do not sweat the small stuff. Approach this book with this attitude: 1). gaining an overview. 2). absorbing some general qualitative ideas and principles. 3). applying just enough to get the idea – using the exercises. 4). noticing where the details are located in case you ever need them. Frankly, some of the descriptions are just painful to wade through. I can’t help but think that the detailed level of MARC knowledge described (while much less detailed than in other cataloging tomes!) is a dying dinosaur. It’s exactly like html code. I know just enough about web page coding to solve little problems if they come up, using the many html tools out there. I do not need to memorize those codes. MARC – same thing. Your software will do the work; you just need to be able to get in there and tweak when necessary.

As we go along, I’ll try to pull out for you the general principles that are important to understand. Just get through it in the meantime.

Finally: Order scores and feedback are now available through the 6340 Dropbox. I uploaded the feedback files to each team member, so you won’t need to share them around this time.


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