June 18, 2008

After-class update

Posted in Updates tagged at 5:55 am by maf

I’m sure that all of you are as glad as I am that we now have a few weeks off from f2f classes.

Like many of you, I feel totally overwhelmed. You don’t need my litany of priorities and complaints, but I hope you know that I’m juggling priorities as best I can. Things are even more hectic that I predicted Saturday for a couple of reasons which I won’t burden you with.

These are accomplished:

  • Updated the agenda from Saturday. Two notes:
    • The due dates were relaxed to become July 21 for everything. This I offered in equal exchange with your nods of agreement that in general you will turn in projects as fast as you do them (because I’ll never finish if everybody waits to submit everything on 7/21).
    • The items marked with an asterisk were not “covered” in class.  I will deal with them in some way – next agenda, or blog posts, or something.
  • Yesterday, I caught up with the 7-day grading window. I will do my best to maintain this. However, the aforementioned challenges will affect this to some extent.
  • I’ve not yet formally changed the due dates in the dropboxes.  That item is on the To-Do.

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