June 19, 2008

Due dates changed

Posted in Updates at 1:10 pm by maf

Today I’ve caught up with my 7-day grading window. Yesterday, I didn’t do much UGA work because Dr. Clinton came to help me with my tornado projects – and we accomplished a lot. (Thanks, Dr. C.)

In WebCT, I changed all of your assignment due dates to July 21 (actually, early 7/22). I also tried to set each assignment to allow me to grade as we go along, and for you to see the results of that grading. Please let me know if you can’t see both the score and the feedback file. I’ll try to tell you in the dropbox comments whether or not I’ve uploaded a feedback file.

Mortimer is the exception – that’s a different project. As I said in class though, you can now see all of the selected textbook quizzes if you visit the assignment description.

Also, I hope you saw the appeal for midterm feedback via SLM-L. I chose the most efficient method, given the workload that most of us have.

It’s nice to have a respite from the heat!


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