July 1, 2008

Mortimer quiz ready at last!

Posted in Assignments at 8:49 am by maf

Once I got down to it, this wasn’t so bad. I was dreading the WebCT hassle, but with a good Help file open on the other monitor – I didn’t have to think about it too hard.

Please don’t dread this quiz. Read the book, work the exercises. Then do the quiz (open book, open Internet allowed). Repeat until you earn the score you want. Instructions for accessing the quiz are embedded in the Mortimer assignment description.

I suspect that some might pass the quiz without reading the book. I’m not going to try to police you on that! I genuinely believe the book and the exercises (as selected) are helpful, and you will know a lot more on the job if you take the time to do this.

The quiz includes questions that force you to apply some critical skills – you really must know how to do these things. (I would be embarrassed if you didn’t.)

If someone is ready and brave enough to try it first – I am anxious to know that it “works,” since we don’t have time to do a field test.

Tomorrow I’m on the road to Gwinnett for the Summer Marathon (featuring several of your classmates!). I’ll catch up with you again on Thursday.


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  1. holly frilot said,

    The quiz works great! I took it this morning. No problems.

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