July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

Posted in Updates at 8:40 am by maf

I hope you guys aren’t working today. Happy Independence Day!

Three announcements:

  1. Repeat of an announcement buried at the bottom of the last post: EDIT 6400 – if you’re taking this, sign up for Dr. Clinton’s section.
  2. I just uploaded a refreshed version of my KR notes in WebCT. This update includes chapter 4.
  3. Remember I said that I might ask you to read something for July 12?  I’ve made a decision about that. There are so many interesting topics that go with Cataloging 2.0, and my outline hasn’t jelled yet.  In true constructivist style, I want you to read ONE of the articles bookmarked at my July 12 reading collection.  One – I said 1. This list is growing every day; I would like you to foretaste an idea or two and for the expertise of this reading list to be spread around for interesting discussion.

Thanks.  Go grill a burger!


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