July 9, 2008

Ready for Avant-Garde Cataloging?

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Several important announcements for today:

  1. The agenda for Saturday, although not yet complete, is coming together. Remember to read your one article posted on this list. Also, we will need notetakers. Buffy Hamilton is coming as our special guest – the Georgia Queen of SLM 2.0 – and she will shower us with cool new ideas. Eat a good breakfast; she is definitely high-energy!
  2. I caught up with all grading at about 10am on Monday. If you submitted something prior to that time and haven’t seen a grade for it, then I didn’t get it! (Yes, several things have come in since then.)
  3. Yesterday, in one fell swoop, I finished writing up my notes on KR. Access these from WebCT/6380/Resources/MAF’s notes on KR.doc. There’s no need to hurry over there and look; no impact on the KR exercises. These are my highlights and disagreements with the text. It may serve as a review somewhere along the line, or clarify a discrepancy.
  4. There was some sort of a glitch with one of the Mortimer quiz questions. That’s cleared up; not sure how that may have affected scores of quizzes already completed.
  5. Courtesy of Andrew, here is a little bio of Dewey, which might provide human interest background when you start teaching the system to little kids (they enjoy hearing about people’s weirdnesses).

I look forward to seeing you Saturday, if I don’t blog something to you before then.


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  1. […] media specialists is always a thrill, but this particular event is especially meaningful since Dr. Fitzgerald was my program advisor and a guiding force in my life since 2001; in addition, it seems like it was […]

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