July 22, 2008

Grading Day 2 (of 3)

Posted in Updates at 7:58 am by maf

It’s 7:45 a.m., and I’ve graded everything in sight.  Here’s the scoop:

  • If you have satisfied every single requirement, you can now see your grade in WebCT.
  • I spent some time straightening up the gradebook, etc., so it may look different to you. Rearranged the order of columns, added some to match course requirements not already there, and deleted some from last year.
  • Course evals: 17 people have completed (thank you!). I pushed the date back to give the rest of you a chance in case you forgot.  Remember, I can’t see what you said, only that you did it.
  • Permissions: E-permission, Research Permission: I checked these off in the gradebook as “y” for done, blank or “no” for not yet done.  Again, I’m not worried about whether you filled out the form with a yes or no, I’m just checking off completion here. (I didn’t even take time to look at what you said on these to preclude any possible bias.)
  • Two points for checking other students’ KR assignments:  these were harder to track than expected. I did my best.  If you are missing your 2 points, shoot me an email about who you checked.  I can easily verify, but it’s really hard for me to download all of those assignments to check this again.  (This is only 2 points. You may do the math and figure, eh.  But I do appreciate the many of you who did this – and some who did WAY MORE than their share.)

I’m on duty if you have questions about anything today and tomorrow.


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