September 29, 2008

Monday update after Class 3

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Thank you for your patience with the change of plan over the weekend, along with the always-interesting side effects of using an online format.  Overall, I think things went well — we got the job done.

If you missed all or part of the session, the archive is available (although I haven’t tested it).  If you need a review, this might help, too.

As of this morning, I’ve updated the agenda and planner to reflect our progress on Saturday.

I’ll get right to work on your Research Questions.

I do have a big pile of email – which I hope to work through today.  This, of course, is normal for a Monday.

Given the continuing gas situation, we made the right decision!


September 27, 2008

Class online today! (EDIT 6900)

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Due to the gas panic, we are moving class online today.  Please acknowledge to my UGA email that you have received this information.

Login to WebCT/6900 Wimba slightly before 9am.

September 24, 2008

Approaching Saturday

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I hope we’ll all have enough gas for class Saturday – we’ve not had horrible problems here, but understand things are different in the Atlanta area.

The agenda for EDIT 6900 is ready. (I’ll create a separate post for EDIT 7340.)

Logistical note: I’ll be in Athens all day Friday in meetings. In case I’m needed, call my cell or the office number (both are in WebCT on the bottom of the homepage for each active course).

An internship note:

As a giveback from the summer, Clarissa created a wiki for any lesson plans you’d like to share.  As your internship progresses, you might have some – or want to look around at what others have done.  In fact, if you have any SLM-related lesson plans, it would be appropriate to share them there.  This could be a great resource – I hope you will find it useful and contribute, too.

See you Saturday!

September 19, 2008

Interviews Finished

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You’ve probably figured this out by now, but I finished grading all the Interviews.

Let me know your teams as they form up, so I can set up your private-use discussion boards.

Some of you already know this, but I set up an Exhibition FAQ page for you here.

Have a nice weekend!

September 16, 2008

Logistics: Sharing IDs for limited GDoc distribution (Tech tip!)

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This is smooth, easy, useful technology – just the kind I like!

If you’d like to contribute any notes to the group class effort, click here.  So far, there’s nothing there – and I realize Saturday wasn’t much of a note-taking type of day.  But someone may have some to share.

More important: you will be able to “see” this document if you’re logged into Google with the same ID that’s indicated on that document.  If you signed up for Notes here several weeks back, I “harvested” your response and added you to the “share” list using that ID.  (This is a powerful, cool 2.0 technology – the ability to make forms without any complex knowledge whatsoever! Woohoo!)   So, if you can’t see the “notes” page, sign up there and I will add you in.

And – if you want to share your GoogleDoc with just the members of the class, this is the mechanism.  I hope this makes sense!  Thanks to Titus for this idea.

September 15, 2008

Follow-up to 9/13 (6900 and 7460)

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Thank you for a pleasant class Saturday!   Didn’t Beth do a great job? I hope you found her encouraging.

I am busily grading your SLMS interviews over the next few days – mostly, in the order received.

Things were so rushed (sorry about that!) that I didn’t get a decent chance to explain the Planner.  I hope it is actually not in need of further explanation.  I updated it today, clarifying things a bit in light of what we accomplished Saturday.  There is a little more audio to be updated, clearly marked “to be done by 9/20.”

The section on Framing a Research Question is meant to communicate what I would have said if we had time to cover that in class.  It will help you compose your Researchable Question.

Also, I put the “done” part of the Planner (Cycle 1) at the bottom – and I hope this won’t confuse anyone too much.

Internship follow-up:  I left an entire folder of signed contracts at home.  It really doesn’t matter – those of you who are approved have received that message in WebCT.  I just wanted to mention this in case it puzzles you where it says “contract to be returned on 9/13 signed” – that’s what I forgot.

As always, send your quesitons right along. This should be a normal week and I hope to get a lot done.

September 12, 2008

September 13

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I look forward to seeing EDIT 6900 at 9am tomorrow, in room 113, followed by interns at 11am.

EDIT 6900:


  • I’ve spent a lot of time over the past couple of weeks implementing some structural changes – all of which I’m ready to discuss tomorrow.  These are not substance changes, but documentation procedures, etc.
  • A word of warning about the internship: if you haven’t had time to study the syllabus and contracts, our discussion tomorrow may be overwhelming.  Due to your many different timelines in regards to the internship, I certainly understand if you haven’t read all of the documents.  If this is the case, I don’t want you to feel blind-sided, either!

Agendas are ready.  The internship agenda can be found here.

See you tomorrow!

September 3, 2008

EDIT 6900 news: graphic; groups; interviews

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I hope you all had a nice Labor Day.

No, we don’t have class this weekend – but I wanted to report progress in a few areas.

Kristie M. is a member of our class but had to be absent the first day.  As a “giveback,” she made a graphic that depicts Farmer’s verbally described action research cycle.  Find it here, when you get to that point in your reading.

Sept 13 will be a busy day.  I have arranged a guest speaker for you – Beth Clark, M.Ed., Cohort 6 – a survivor of EDIT 6900 last year. She will come at 10am to talk about her project.  I believe that she will excite you about the possibilities, but also provide a calm perspective on living through it all.  (She is now a first year SLMS, in case you have any questions about that.)

The intern session will be at 11am.

So, working backwards, the 9am hour will deal with group formation and topic selection. Your interviews are due on that day.  Several of you are working ahead and have already posted your abbreviated notes on the relevant discussion board.  (I am trying to grade these early submissions within 7 days – we’ll see if I can keep that up!)

If you already know your group (but not necessarily your topic), go ahead and tell me – I will set up a private discussion board for you in WebCT.  Groups may well form around topics, or you might be working alone – all options are fine with me.  I think our goal should be for you to walk out of the building on 9/13 with your group and your topic settled, given the way the calendar is laid out.  Reading the interview notes ahead will help with this. You might plan to stay awhile after class to help this along.  It’s up to you – and now you have the info for planning ahead.

Questions are always welcome.  I’m sure I’ll have other items to share before next class!