September 3, 2008

EDIT 6900 news: graphic; groups; interviews

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I hope you all had a nice Labor Day.

No, we don’t have class this weekend – but I wanted to report progress in a few areas.

Kristie M. is a member of our class but had to be absent the first day.  As a “giveback,” she made a graphic that depicts Farmer’s verbally described action research cycle.  Find it here, when you get to that point in your reading.

Sept 13 will be a busy day.  I have arranged a guest speaker for you – Beth Clark, M.Ed., Cohort 6 – a survivor of EDIT 6900 last year. She will come at 10am to talk about her project.  I believe that she will excite you about the possibilities, but also provide a calm perspective on living through it all.  (She is now a first year SLMS, in case you have any questions about that.)

The intern session will be at 11am.

So, working backwards, the 9am hour will deal with group formation and topic selection. Your interviews are due on that day.  Several of you are working ahead and have already posted your abbreviated notes on the relevant discussion board.  (I am trying to grade these early submissions within 7 days – we’ll see if I can keep that up!)

If you already know your group (but not necessarily your topic), go ahead and tell me – I will set up a private discussion board for you in WebCT.  Groups may well form around topics, or you might be working alone – all options are fine with me.  I think our goal should be for you to walk out of the building on 9/13 with your group and your topic settled, given the way the calendar is laid out.  Reading the interview notes ahead will help with this. You might plan to stay awhile after class to help this along.  It’s up to you – and now you have the info for planning ahead.

Questions are always welcome.  I’m sure I’ll have other items to share before next class!


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