September 15, 2008

Follow-up to 9/13 (6900 and 7460)

Posted in Internship, Updates at 3:05 pm by maf

Thank you for a pleasant class Saturday!   Didn’t Beth do a great job? I hope you found her encouraging.

I am busily grading your SLMS interviews over the next few days – mostly, in the order received.

Things were so rushed (sorry about that!) that I didn’t get a decent chance to explain the Planner.  I hope it is actually not in need of further explanation.  I updated it today, clarifying things a bit in light of what we accomplished Saturday.  There is a little more audio to be updated, clearly marked “to be done by 9/20.”

The section on Framing a Research Question is meant to communicate what I would have said if we had time to cover that in class.  It will help you compose your Researchable Question.

Also, I put the “done” part of the Planner (Cycle 1) at the bottom – and I hope this won’t confuse anyone too much.

Internship follow-up:  I left an entire folder of signed contracts at home.  It really doesn’t matter – those of you who are approved have received that message in WebCT.  I just wanted to mention this in case it puzzles you where it says “contract to be returned on 9/13 signed” – that’s what I forgot.

As always, send your quesitons right along. This should be a normal week and I hope to get a lot done.


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