September 16, 2008

Logistics: Sharing IDs for limited GDoc distribution (Tech tip!)

Posted in Updates tagged , , at 7:47 am by maf

This is smooth, easy, useful technology – just the kind I like!

If you’d like to contribute any notes to the group class effort, click here.  So far, there’s nothing there – and I realize Saturday wasn’t much of a note-taking type of day.  But someone may have some to share.

More important: you will be able to “see” this document if you’re logged into Google with the same ID that’s indicated on that document.  If you signed up for Notes here several weeks back, I “harvested” your response and added you to the “share” list using that ID.  (This is a powerful, cool 2.0 technology – the ability to make forms without any complex knowledge whatsoever! Woohoo!)   So, if you can’t see the “notes” page, sign up there and I will add you in.

And – if you want to share your GoogleDoc with just the members of the class, this is the mechanism.  I hope this makes sense!  Thanks to Titus for this idea.


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