October 8, 2008

Rainy Wednesday

Posted in Updates at 12:53 pm by maf

It’s pouring here – a good thing, after a month in which our rainfall was 5% of normal. On the other hand, I’m still fighting post-tornado erosion (because the topsoil was largely scraped away along with all of the tree debris) – and worried that the rain will wash away the rye grass seed that was just put down to help stabilize it.

But to business.

I’m not hearing tremendous levels of protest about the dates suggested for next semester.  That’s good – so I’ll move forward in my calendar planning, although you needn’t consider anything set in stone just yet.

Planning for Saturday is progressing.   The agenda is just about set.  Remember that this class is all day – shared with the Ed.S. folks, with only a slight variation in schedule.  You will have an opportunity after lunch to meet with your group while the Ed.S. folks hear from Karen Garner, a Cohort 6 Ed.S. survivor.  (Folks in groups of one are welcome to listen to Karen, if desired.)

I’ve been having fun playing with audio feedback – I can say so much more than I would ever have time to write out!   When your PPP Drafts come in Saturday, I fully plan to use this tool.

If I don’t blog again before Saturday, I look forward to seeing you then.


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