October 29, 2008

Star Exhibition Prep & Reminders

Posted in Updates at 9:32 am by maf

This post deals only with EDIT 6900.  (EDIT 7340: you have a parallel, but slightly different, post over on the AP blog.)  Here I will address a technical issue and provide a schedule for Saturday.

Technical issue.  Today is the day you should send (or should have already sent) your Exhibition link to Allyson.  Check yourself:

  • It should not be necessary for visitors to login. (In the Google world, this means you should “publish” your Exhibition.)
  • It should not be necessary for visitors to download anything.
  • There must be a Comment avenue – either on the Exhibition itself, or on the WebCT 7460 Discussion Board.

Hopefully, there are no surprises above, because it’s what we’ve been saying all along.  Even at this late date, it should be possible to repair a problem.

If you were expecting us to download a Powerpoint, here’s a solution: GoogleDocs Presentations allows you to upload a Powerpoint file for publication.  Easy. You may have to tweak it – and it won’t be as elegant.  But – Powerpoints are really awful to download, given file size and version control, etc.

End of technical news.  If you have problems, questions, emergencies – I am home (mostly) through Saturday – no trips to Athens (yay).

Next topic: Schedule. Here is the overall pattern for both classes:

  1. before 9am: EDIT 6900 logs into WebCT Wimba 7460.  Repeat: 7460.
  2. 9am:  EDIT 6900 business, Q&A, etc.
  3. around 9:15: Exhibition instructions (7340 may join in)
  4. 10am – 1pm:  leave Wimba; visit Exhibits independently; make comments; nominate for Awards
  5. 1pm: both classes meet for Exhibition Closing Ceremonies
  6. 2pm-3pm: 6900 may have group meetings in separate classrooms; 7340 will have their business session

The agenda is ready.  I promise there will be no political ads. 🙂 I will work on the Planner tomorrow.

Finally, I’m grading the Critiques at a leisurely pace, with a finish date of 11/8 for assignments submitted on time.

End of news – send me any questions or problems and call if you need.


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