November 13, 2008

Stars finished! And 2 polls

Posted in Updates at 12:38 pm by maf

I finished grading all the Stars today in a rush.  You know how it goes – I started out very careful and methodical, but here it is almost 2 weeks past and the Stars are old news.  In the end, the feedback given by all of you to each other – about 300 comments – did the job far better than I could.  Check your grade.

And now, I’d like your opinion on the whole Star Exhibition idea, anonymously.  Here’s a 3-question poll, which will take you maybe 5 minutes.

If you’d like to work on your APA skills,  try this little 1-minute quiz.  Anonymous, again.  I’ll put up a new one every few days for the next week or two – in the hopes of helping you avoid the most major APA mistakes.

(Loving the new Google Forms tool.  Can’t you tell?)  When they’re anonymous like this, there’s no risk – I can’t even tell who has actually done it.  Therefore, these are for genuine practice and opinions with no identities attached!


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