December 15, 2008

EDIT 6900: All finished

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I’ve just posted your grades.

Course evals, research permissions and e-permissions: all 100% submitted. Thanks!

Now, for the holidays.  This blog goes on hiatus as of right now, until around January 5th.

I’m not going anywhere, though – if you need me, you can find me via the usual means.  Although I’ll take a lot of time off, I will be happy to help.

This blog will continue as the Internship blog in the spring.


December 8, 2008

Almost finished

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I’m in mop-up mode right now – it’s good to be close to finished with grades for this semester.

I’ve worked through the EDIT 6900 gradebook and cleaned up.  If you have no outstanding items, you can see what your grade will be.

Outstanding items might be: a late submission; course eval not done; etc.  Minor details at this point.  But check and see.

December 6, 2008

Almost there

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It’s nice to not be going to Gwinnett today!  Of course, I miss you all.

First, a note for all of Cohort 7. I am risking overstepping my role a bit here, because you’ve probably already taken care of this in partnership with your advisor:

If you are graduating in May,  two critical documents must be filed by Jan 23, before our first class: Program of Study and Graduation Application.  The POS is not something you can do quickly at the last minute – actual paper is involved.  For this reason, this particular deadline in January sometimes comes as an unpleasant surprise.  If this applies to you, get with your advisor about the specifics.

Now, onto EDIT 6900 news:

  • I believe I have finished grading all major assignments.  There are a few items on my “catch-up” list, which I will handle after I finish the PDEPs (assuming I ever will …)
  • Next week, I’ll add things up in the gradebook and file the grades. In the meantime, you can look for yourself to check if anything is missing.
  • Course evals are 94% complete – great!  I’ll be chasing that one person down – why not get it done before I check?  It would save me 15 minutes trying to figure out who is missing.  Thanks to the other 94% of you!
  • Research permissions and E-permission forms:  all done!  100%!  In this category, you win!  (EDIT 7340 “won” in the course-evaluation race.)

December 4, 2008

Finished with Reflections

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You won’t find much feedback on these, but I read through them all.  In some ways, I sometimes think it would be better to read these after the grading is over – but I always appreciate and learn from your free-form comments.

Course evals: up to 94%.  Thanks!  I think that means there’s one more person out there to complete.

In the meantime, Shawn did a great job at her M.Ed. portfolio presentation.  Congratulations to her.

December 2, 2008

Design ideas finished! (EDIT 6900)

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Check them out.  I provided feedback in the most efficient mode – ranging from almost nothing, to a note in the dropbox, to a highlighted document, to audiofiles – depending on how much I had to say.  This didn’t always correspond with how good the assignment was, so don’t panic if you see an audiofile in your dropbox!

Course evals: 72% done!

December 1, 2008

Post-Thanksgiving updates

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I hope you all had happy Thanksgivings.

So today is the day – everything is due.

I’ll be on the road today, and so the best way to reach me is by cell, in case you have any last minute panics. The phone number is on the WebCT homepage.

Don’t forget the course eval – participation for this class is 61% (which is quite good, considering I haven’t really bugged you yet.)  I will stop reminding you when we reach 100%. 🙂