January 29, 2009

For Summer Graduates

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Remember the discussion we had on Jan 24 about Programs of Study? And how we said it’s ok to file early? Here’s a new tidbit on that.

Due to a projected lean summer staffing plan, our Graduate Coordinator has requested that all summer paperwork be filed early, if possible.

So – if you are an August graduate, consider starting your Program of Study ASAP.  Things to remember:

  • Hard copy is required – hence, a major part of the difficulty.
  • This is a difficult form.  Because of a history of problems with it, please listen to my audio coaching in WebCT 7460 Resources before filling it out.
  • The form itself can be found here.
  • The earlier you do it, the less stress will be involved.
  • Feel free to bring to class on Feb 7, or in March, or in April – I will pass on paper copies to wherever they need to go – your advisor, etc.
  • I am building a new SLM Graduation site here – where I will collect the things you need for graduation.

January 26, 2009

Aftermath from Jan. 24

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It was so good to see you all on Saturday – we had everyone there except for Andy (who had a death in the family).

I’m pleased that we plowed through all of the many details that seemed relevant, and everything on the agenda.

A suggested task for you: while I don’t plan to pile a lot of homework and reading on you for this “class,” let me encourage you to read along in the New on the Job book.  Next meeting (Feb 7), we will discuss job seeking – and read Chapter 2 if you can.  It’s always interesting to compare national advice with state/local advice, and with the experience of people in the room.

Finally, I updated the Mentor Evaluation form to reflect my new preference of electronic submission.  You can find this and most other forms if you go to the 7460 Home page and click on “Documents and Forms.”

January 22, 2009

Ready for class, Jan 24

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Hello!  I look forward to seeing you all, 10am, Saturday, Room 119.  We must finish by noon.

The Agenda is ready.

These internship meetings are usually intense exchanges of information.  The Internship itself is a complex experience that varies from student to student – so I expect a lot of questions.

To prepare:

  • Please send the information requested in the last post
  • Read over the agenda and many of its links. Focus on Documentation-related links, Portfolio-related links (as appropriate to your degree program), and Graduation-related links.

It’s been a long break and I look forward to seeing all of you.   I’m certain (barring some mishap) to be there before 9:30 in case you have individual questions for me – because there won’t be much time afterward.

Graduating in May?  Here is your last reminder that Programs of Study and Graduation Applications are due Friday.  Contact your advisor if you haven’t done this yet.

January 15, 2009

Tasks for you

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The great thing about this class is that you are doing most of the work out there in the real world.  I don’t have much to add to that.   So, you needn’t expect much extra work or assignments, etc.  Here’s what you should be doing:

  • Make sure you are on track with your contract process.  Everyone is in a slightly different place with this, and most are well ahead of the minimum pace.  You can (and should) always see where you are by checking your WebCT 7460 discussion board and the Gradebook there – which is really a progress keeper.  The Checklist helps, too.
  • Jan 16 is the date by which your preliminary contract should be approved, if you are registered. I’ve caught up on all preliminary contracts submitted.  In practice, this means that on Saturday I’ll go down my list and see who might have fallen behind this deadline and communicate directly with them.
  • A small assignment:  if you are not in either of my other two classes, send me an email (to my UGA address) that updates this info:
    • your preferred email address
    • your preferred phone number
    • your mailing address
    • your GMAIL login name
  • I look forward to seeing you on Jan 24, 10am.  If Dr. Clinton wants some time, his time will be 9am – I’ll have a definite on that for you soon.  Room 119.

January 13, 2009

Graduation Reminders

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I’ll piggyback on Janette’s reminder from last week – everyone graduating in May must submit the a). Program of Study form and b). the online Graduation Application  ASAP.

I will personally feel bad if any one of you has to delay graduation or pay a $50 fee because this didn’t get done!  I’m hoping for 100% smooth sailing in this category.

Program of Study form: this is an irritating paper-only process.  Also, in most cases you can’t save and send the .pdf form (unless you have extra software on your computer).  Consult your advisor about the best way to handle this if you haven’t done it yet.  Mailing might not work out with the deadline looming so near.

Graduation Application is a lovely online form for which you receive a nice acknowledgment.  The only little problem is that we have no way of checking to see if you did it – so it’s up to you!

Most of you have done both of these and it’s certainly not the first time you’ve heard about them – I just want to make double-dog sure that there are no graduation glitches in Cohort 7.

January 9, 2009

Invisible progress

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Just so you’re not wondering what’s going on …

I have been making progress on the Internship class, but most of it is invisible to you. Primarily, I’ve been evaluating contracts and taking care of red tape. Everyone is either set for the present or things are moving in that direction.

After the first Cohort 8 class tomorrow, I’ll be able to turn my attention more fully to both Cohort 7 classes.  The MLK weekend helps, too.

There’s a bit of a problem with dual EDIT sections – and I’m working with staff to get this solved. The only effect of this for you might be a mysterious message from UGA saying you’ve been dropped from one class and added to another – strictly an administrative event.

At the moment, it appears that I will see you all at 10am on 1/24 for a 2-hour meeting. More info to come, next week.

January 3, 2009

Happy Announcement

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Here’s a quick happy post before we get down to work for real next week.

Shawn, our only graduate in December, timed everything perfectly. Kathryn Elizabeth made her debut on December 23 and all is well.

Congratulations to the the whole family!