January 13, 2009

Graduation Reminders

Posted in Updates at 5:55 pm by maf

I’ll piggyback on Janette’s reminder from last week – everyone graduating in May must submit the a). Program of Study form and b). the online Graduation Application  ASAP.

I will personally feel bad if any one of you has to delay graduation or pay a $50 fee because this didn’t get done!  I’m hoping for 100% smooth sailing in this category.

Program of Study form: this is an irritating paper-only process.  Also, in most cases you can’t save and send the .pdf form (unless you have extra software on your computer).  Consult your advisor about the best way to handle this if you haven’t done it yet.  Mailing might not work out with the deadline looming so near.

Graduation Application is a lovely online form for which you receive a nice acknowledgment.  The only little problem is that we have no way of checking to see if you did it – so it’s up to you!

Most of you have done both of these and it’s certainly not the first time you’ve heard about them – I just want to make double-dog sure that there are no graduation glitches in Cohort 7.


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