January 15, 2009

Tasks for you

Posted in Updates at 11:00 am by maf

The great thing about this class is that you are doing most of the work out there in the real world.  I don’t have much to add to that.   So, you needn’t expect much extra work or assignments, etc.  Here’s what you should be doing:

  • Make sure you are on track with your contract process.  Everyone is in a slightly different place with this, and most are well ahead of the minimum pace.  You can (and should) always see where you are by checking your WebCT 7460 discussion board and the Gradebook there – which is really a progress keeper.  The Checklist helps, too.
  • Jan 16 is the date by which your preliminary contract should be approved, if you are registered. I’ve caught up on all preliminary contracts submitted.  In practice, this means that on Saturday I’ll go down my list and see who might have fallen behind this deadline and communicate directly with them.
  • A small assignment:  if you are not in either of my other two classes, send me an email (to my UGA address) that updates this info:
    • your preferred email address
    • your preferred phone number
    • your mailing address
    • your GMAIL login name
  • I look forward to seeing you on Jan 24, 10am.  If Dr. Clinton wants some time, his time will be 9am – I’ll have a definite on that for you soon.  Room 119.

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