January 29, 2009

For Summer Graduates

Posted in Announcements at 9:06 am by maf

Remember the discussion we had on Jan 24 about Programs of Study? And how we said it’s ok to file early? Here’s a new tidbit on that.

Due to a projected lean summer staffing plan, our Graduate Coordinator has requested that all summer paperwork be filed early, if possible.

So – if you are an August graduate, consider starting your Program of Study ASAP.  Things to remember:

  • Hard copy is required – hence, a major part of the difficulty.
  • This is a difficult form.  Because of a history of problems with it, please listen to my audio coaching in WebCT 7460 Resources before filling it out.
  • The form itself can be found here.
  • The earlier you do it, the less stress will be involved.
  • Feel free to bring to class on Feb 7, or in March, or in April – I will pass on paper copies to wherever they need to go – your advisor, etc.
  • I am building a new SLM Graduation site here – where I will collect the things you need for graduation.

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