February 19, 2009

Final Contract and Mailing Addresses

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Two things about final contracts – -please read both unless you have received the Green Light of Approval on yours:

  • For interns registered now, final contract proposals were due 2/17.  I’ll be sweeping through the list to make sure they are all in.  The Gradebook tells you if I’ve received it or not, if it’s under review, pending, or approved – I spell that out on the discussion board, too.
  • For interns yet to submit a final contract (whether currently late, or upcoming): several people have goofed on this, so I’m sure it’s my fault for not being clear.  Please submit it to me first before you go to the trouble of getting your mentor’s signature.  If I don’t like something, you’ll just have to do all of that again.  (Is there another way I should say this?  Please suggest clarifications if you see how they can be made.)  In the end, mentors sign twice; let’s don’t make it three or four times! 🙂

And – mentor evaluations are trickling in for people finishing early.  I will fire off the thank you note within a week or two, if I have his/her mailing address handy.  Post it on your discussion board.

I hope none of you got tornadoed yesterday!


February 5, 2009

Feb 7: Job Seeking

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I’m beginning to hear stories about people getting jobs, and the job-seeking process will be the primary topic for Saturday.  Of course, different school systems follow quite different timelines for hiring – so you shouldn’t be worried if nothing seems to be happening yet in your case.

Please keep this in mind: the likelihood of knowing someone applying for the same job is high.  If you get a particular job, you wouldn’t want to hurt the feelings of someone who competed for that same job.  Further, it’s impossible (often) to speculate about why one person was hired and another was not; reasons are often arbitrary or unpredictable.  We should emphasize the fit between a person and a job, rather than the competitive aspects of job seeking.

An important reminder:  this comes from Shannon. The registration deadline for the next GACE test is Feb 13, with results returning on Apr 27.  The next set of results will come June 1, which might be late for some of your job applications.

I will see you at 10a.m. in Room 119.  Bring the New on the Job text; we will discuss Chapter 2.