March 24, 2009

Misc. Reminders and News

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Hello!   I’ve been collecting bits and pieces to pass and along:

  1. Andy P. is famous! (although they spelled his name wrong!)  This is a really nice spot in the Athens Banner-Herald.
  2. Caps and gowns may be ordered through the Gwinnett/Intellicenter bookstore. Contact Meredith Haring, 678-985-6788,
  3. Your Portfolio (M.Ed.) or Applied Project (Ed.S.) is due to your advisor on April 6.

A portfolio-related question: there has been some confusion about how to align all the different assessments (projects) with the AASL standards.  Here’s a response I’ve given to this question:

As for alignment, let me direct you here:   It’s a valuable synthesis activity to think about alignment for yourself, but the projects were designed to align in certain ways as outlined in the matrix. This was done about 3 years ago, and some projects possibly have drifted – but the matrix will tell you at least what they’re supposed to do. Hopefully, this will make the alignment process much easier for you.

Next Cohort 7 meeting: Apr 18, 10am.  See you there!


March 11, 2009

March 14; Advising; Midterm Eval; Caps & Gowns

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Three announcements leading up to class Saturday (March 14, 10am-12, Room 119):

  1. We will do Stadium Advising first.  If you are graduating in May, then you can afford to be about 15 minutes late.  It won’t take long, because there’s not much left to talk about!  Dr. Clinton will be there.  The Agenda is ready.
  2. I’ve created an online Midterm Evaluation, which is ready for your input. I would love to hear if it seems to be working correctly, and certainly if it’s not!
  3. Caps and gowns:  AnneMarie has done research and has this to tell us:

Some people were asking about caps and gowns.  When I was at the Children’s Lit Conference, I bought mine.  I asked them how people could order them.  They said that you can call the bookstore and order one ($65.27).  They have them in stock. For a fee, they will send it to you.  You can also order it and they’ll keep it until graduation day. If the Bookstore will let me, I can pick up orders and bring them to the class in April.

Thanks, AnneMarie. See you all Saturday!

March 8, 2009

Mentor Eval Clarification

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Just a reminder: we do have class this coming Saturday, 10a.m. to noon.  More details coming later in the week about the agenda, etc.

Here’s a clarification on the Mentor Evaluation process.  (I need to improve the Checklist on this topic, and plan to do that soon.)

It’s really very simple:

  1. Go to the Documents area of the website, and download the  Mentor Evaluation form (.doc).
  2. Send the blank form directly to your mentor, or provide the file in some other way (but not paper).
  3. Request that your mentor fill out the form, and submit it by emailing it as an attachment directly to me (mfitzger at uga dot edu).
  4. When I receive it, I’ll note this in the Gradebook.  Eventually, I’ll review it, and mark that in as well.

Three notes:

  • You will not see the contents of the form.  Rather, I will mark the Gradebook as “Satisfactory,” or get in touch with you if the situation is otherwise.
  • Watch for notification of receipt.  You may need to remind your mentor; also, things just get lost sometimes.
  • The email needs to come directly from your mentor, not forwarded by you, etc.

I look forward to seeing you Saturday, March 14.