April 30, 2009

Reminders and updates

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Tomorrow is the big day!  Everything due.

Of the several submitted so far, I’ve finished only one – and it was submitted weeks ago. Obviously, I have a lot to do next week!

End-of-semester progress:

  • Course evals: 75% submitted.  Great!  Of course, I’m hoping for 100%, but this is a really good start.
  • All but one of you has submitted both Research and E-permissions.  This is fabulous, and I’ll just bug that one person about this henceforth.  This is really super, because they’re technically not due until tomorrow!  Thank you.

One more item of progress:  remember those Lesson Plan Menus mentioned in class awhile back?  Anne Marie gathered them for us, and obtained permission to share.  Find them in WebCT/7460/Resources/Lesson Menus.  You’re on your own with the Microsoft Publisher format that these are in.


April 27, 2009

Course Evals open

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Hi – quick reminder – Course Evals are now open.

I hope you will remember my comments about the apparent trickiness of the form – just make sure you’re choosing the values you want to choose.

And I will keep updating you as things wrap up over the next 2 weeks!

April 24, 2009

Summer Marathon Date Set: June 26

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It’s pretty much official – if you’re in the Summer Marathon, block off June 26.

Instructions for registering, etc., will come from Janette.  However, I’m sure this won’t happen for awhile – since we need to recover from the Spring Marathon first!

April 23, 2009

Congrats and thanks!

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To echo Janette’s post on SLM-L earlier, congratulations to all Spring Marathoners! They were interesting down through the very last one.  All did well – and I’m sure all are feeling quite relieved!

Summer graduates, I’m sure you will do just as well.

I enjoyed last Saturday – hope you all had fun, too. I especially want to thank you for the lovely garden basket and gift certificate. I will enjoy both immensely!

April 15, 2009

April 18m 10a.m.: Last official Cohort 7 meeting!

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We’re going out in style with a lunch and general party atmosphere.

I’ve made an agenda that contains every last little thing I want to tell you. We’ll go over as much or as little of that as necessary.

The bookstore should be open for cap/gown orders.

We’ll take a big photo – bring your camera and get a shot.

Ten a.m., lunch around noon, lasting til whenever.  By BYOB, I’m sure Tanya meant non-alcoholic. 🙂  If you missed her emails, they’ve come over SLM-L .  Bring your cash (or dessert), and I hope someone will help with the math and money collection.

See you there!

April 7, 2009

Caps/Gowns; April 18

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(Have you filled out Tanya’s pizza/sub survey yet? I did – it’s easy! Published over SLM-L yesterday.)

The Gwinnett Bookstore manager has agreed to be on-site April 18 to take your cap/gown measurements and orders for May graduation.  That would be about your last reasonable chance to do it.

Portfolio review is now underway.  I’m not finished with all of my advisees yet, but by now everyone has at least heard from me – or I “released” the portfolio.  (Can you guys see when the a portfolio has been released?)

I’m looking forward to seeing you all on April 18 (not this weekend!), 10am. Enjoy Easter weekend – no SLM classes meeting on April 11.