June 9, 2009

Graduation Reminders

Posted in Announcements at 5:41 am by maf

It’s summer and we’re supposed to be taking it easy, right?  So far, not the case, unfortunately.

Administrative tasks have caused me to neglect you a bit.  There are many deadlines coming up in the next few days.

  • June 10:  Last day to register for Marathon
  • June 12:  Grad App and Program of Study due to Graduate School – if you haven’t done these yet, drop everything and do it today
  • June 15:  Portfolio (or AP) to advisor (for Summer Marathoners)
  • June 19: Portoflio/AP ready for committee
  • June 26: Marathon

You can find many forms and tools linked on the SLM Graduation Page.

There is an internship deadline on the calendar as well, but my records show that all enrolled interns have satisfied it.

On another note, I hope all or most of you will consider mentoring a new student.  I’ve run out of mentor volunteers amidst the match-up process – soon I’ll have to ask people specifically. Thanks to the many who have volunteered – and you should have your mentee’s name(s) by now.


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