June 13, 2009

Recommendations: Advice

Posted in Announcements at 7:18 am by maf


So far I must say that this hasn’t been a relaxing summer!

I can tell that the job hunt is still on out there.  My clue: floods of requests for Recommendations – a virtual tsunami of recommendations to process.

I need your help with this.

It is in my best interest that you get a job, for a number of reasons – so I want to do all that I can to help.

I don’t have a printer – this is the key thing.  Mine is caput.   I will not ask for another – because of both economic and ecologic reasons.

Here are some specific strategies that will greatly enhance my ability to help you with recommendations:

  • Just remember: I cannot generate paper. I can’t fax, either.  It’s either electronic or mail.
  • Almost always, there’s a part for you to fill out.  Please fill this out!
  • No matter how urgent it is, I usually can’t get one done by the next day.
  • Please mail the form to me in MACON.  I’m not going much to Athens these days. You can find my Macon address several ways – look in WebCT, any of my courses, at the bottom of the home page.  Or just ask me over email.
  • Please include an addressed envelope and please include a stamp.   UGA doesn’t provide postage for me, either.
  • Electronic forms, of course, are great!  That is, if they WORK.  If I have to do a lot of fiddling to make it work – I don’t have time for that.  Pdf forms usually don’t work for this reason, unfortunately.

I really am very happy to fill out recommendations.  It’s just these little impediments that can make it much more difficult than it should be.  If you follow all of the ideas above, it takes maybe 15 minutes tops to get this out the door.  No problem a-tall.

Good luck with job-hunting!  Keep at it – I’m hearing about successes every week.


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