September 15, 2008

Follow-up to 9/13 (6900 and 7460)

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Thank you for a pleasant class Saturday!   Didn’t Beth do a great job? I hope you found her encouraging.

I am busily grading your SLMS interviews over the next few days – mostly, in the order received.

Things were so rushed (sorry about that!) that I didn’t get a decent chance to explain the Planner.  I hope it is actually not in need of further explanation.  I updated it today, clarifying things a bit in light of what we accomplished Saturday.  There is a little more audio to be updated, clearly marked “to be done by 9/20.”

The section on Framing a Research Question is meant to communicate what I would have said if we had time to cover that in class.  It will help you compose your Researchable Question.

Also, I put the “done” part of the Planner (Cycle 1) at the bottom – and I hope this won’t confuse anyone too much.

Internship follow-up:  I left an entire folder of signed contracts at home.  It really doesn’t matter – those of you who are approved have received that message in WebCT.  I just wanted to mention this in case it puzzles you where it says “contract to be returned on 9/13 signed” – that’s what I forgot.

As always, send your quesitons right along. This should be a normal week and I hope to get a lot done.


September 12, 2008

September 13

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I look forward to seeing EDIT 6900 at 9am tomorrow, in room 113, followed by interns at 11am.

EDIT 6900:


  • I’ve spent a lot of time over the past couple of weeks implementing some structural changes – all of which I’m ready to discuss tomorrow.  These are not substance changes, but documentation procedures, etc.
  • A word of warning about the internship: if you haven’t had time to study the syllabus and contracts, our discussion tomorrow may be overwhelming.  Due to your many different timelines in regards to the internship, I certainly understand if you haven’t read all of the documents.  If this is the case, I don’t want you to feel blind-sided, either!

Agendas are ready.  The internship agenda can be found here.

See you tomorrow!

August 20, 2008

Internship: Demographic Survey Forms

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So I said that I’m trying to renounce paper.

Here’s something new. I made a dropbox in WebCT/7460 where you can both download and upload your demographic survey form.

I asked for permission to submit them electronically to the College – and I hope they will take them that way. If so, all paper will be eliminated from this task, along with the manipulation required for sorting, carrying, and storing hard copies.

The due date for this semester is October 4.

Who does this apply to?  Any active intern – meaning, if you are completing any intern hours at all this semester, then you must submit one for your primary site. For most of you, you’ll do one this semester and next semester for the same school.

You do not have to submit them for the other-site visits where you’re just spending a day each to observe.

What if you have two primary sites? (You know who you are!) Yes, you have to complete one for each site.

Confused? If we’ve had any interaction about your internship at all, look in the WebCT/7460 Gradebook under ‘demographic forms required.’  It will list there what you owe. If it’s blank, that means we haven’t gotten that far yet.

I will further clarify as necessary on Sep 13 (our Year 2 internship orientation).

July 23, 2008

Interns: Criminal Background Checks

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(This post duplicates a message sent over SLM-L this morning.)

From hence forward, criminal background checks will be required for all interns. (This has been coming for awhile; all student teachers have long been doing this.)

Before you panic, let me assure you that the process seems organized and will require only a little bit of your time and money, and no trips to the police department.

Also, rest assured that no faculty member will even see the results of this report. We will become involved only if a placement is declined for some reason.

The time to start this process is when you submit your First Approval – basically, when the entire internship process starts for you. You will be sent to a web site where you can fill out the application and pay by credit card for the $50 fee. (Gwinnett interns for 08-09 have already begun all of this.)

In the meantime, you can read instructions by visiting the Internship home page: The College’s instructions are linked there.

If you are employed by the school system where you will intern, you may be able to waive the process – this depends on the county/system.

No action is required of anyone at this moment! This is just a good time to give you an alert so that it won’t be such a surprise as many Cohort 7 students move into their internship year.

If you have specific questions about the CBC, the College person in charge is Martha Pruet:

May 20, 2008

Internships: Advice for 9-to-5’ers

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As Cohort 7 moves into Year 2, the internship begins to be a topic of interest. Since this blog “belongs” to C7, our internship topics will be addressed here. (If you’d like to see blogposts that were relevant to Cohort 6’s internship, visit their blog.)

Today we have a guest post from Beth B., recent C6 Alum. She took me up on a challenge to the group: “Remember how uncertain you were at first that you could get those 100 endless hours scheduled? I need people who survived this to assure the next cohort that it can be done.” Beth works a traditional 9-5 job, and I think this group has the greatest level of challenge in getting internship hours in. She writes:

I work an 8am-5pm job, and I was pretty worried about how I would fit in time for 100+ hours of in-school time for an internship. I suspect everyone has personal challenges during the internship. I procrastinated. (I didn’t miss any of the contract deadlines, though, and that’s important!) I took three other classes during the same semester. I didn’t share with anyone at my job what I was working on. Many of these “challenges” were of my own making; you probably have others that you might or might not be able to control.
Somehow everything came together, though, and I ended the spring semester with a great internship experience and LOTS of extra hours.
These are a few things that worked for me.

  • I built up as much personal leave as I could in advance, and I took this leave to go to the school for my internship days. My mentor and I sat down in December and planned all the days I would come to the school. We planned on 16 days (2 full weeks and 3 half-weeks) through January-April. I thought this would give me enough hours; it actually ended up being enough and extra.
  • I went to the school early and stayed until my mentor left each day. Since I was taking leave to be there, I figured I might as well make the most of it. 🙂
  • Think about evening events when the students might be at the school, too. We had Book Fair during two PTA evenings, which gave me the opportunity to interact with students AND their parents.
  • The time I spent on collaborative planning (planning and preparing for the actual lesson, after the initial meeting with the teacher) could take place in the evenings/weekends and didn’t require time off from my day job.

Those few months were pretty hectic, juggling the internship, other classes, and my regular job. It was worth it (and I’m not just saying that because of post-graduation euphoria!) The internship is one of the most valuable parts of the SLM program, and the benefits make any temporary worries or stresses fade away. Hang in there, watch the deadlines, and enjoy it!

Beth B.