May 19, 2008

Welcome to Cataloging

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Thank you all for a great class on Saturday.  I’m sorry it was so much of me talking.

For the summer, the main focus of this blog will be EDIT 6380.  I encourage all members of Cohort 7 to “keep watching” in case you’re not in the class and something comes across that pertains to the group.  Also, if you’re not an official member of C7, then I hope you will enjoy hanging out with us for awhile.

Today, I’ve done some class follow-up.  Not all of it, but a good deal.

I updated the Agenda to reflect what we really did.  I’m awaiting the notes to be finalized and will link them in as soon as I get them.  (If you are a notetaker, please don’t feel obligated to produce perfectly polished notes. They should be clean enough for understanding but we are tolerant of a booboo or two.  Efficiency more important than perfection for this task.)

I updated the syllabus with decisions we made regarding deadlines.

I added our two major due dates (6/23 and 7/21) to GCal/SLM. (Go to Google Calendar and search for SLM – it’s public.)

I added the blog subscription options to 6380 Home.  I highly recommend that you subscribe either through a Reader (RSS) or through email – I will use this blog as the primary group-push communication tool.

Lastly, I worked through a few of the individual issues for class members – not all of them yet.

I hope to put in a full week of work – although when the chainsaw crews show up, or the insurance guy shows up, I have to drop everything and pay attention!  Still, I hope to make a lot of progress. Let me know if I am overlooking something urgent.


January 29, 2008

GLMA Blog and listserv – Must Reads for GA SLMSs

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Our Georgia Library Media Association has started a new blog that I highly recommend you subscribe to or visit on a regular basis. It’s a “community blog,” with SLM people from all over the state contributing on a monthly basis. You will find some UGA people there. It’s worth it just to see Susan Grigsby’s monthly calendars, which include every possible almanac event you would ever want to know about.

From January through March, GLMA helps us keep tabs on the Georgia General Assembly. Updates come across their listserv almost daily, sometimes containing calls to action. As budget talks progress, we need to know what the people under the Gold Dome are thinking.

Blogs are very easy to subscribe to if you use a “reader.” If you want to use Google’s, just find “Reader” under the “More” area. If you have a GMail account and an iGoogle page, you can have blog entries delivered automatically to your Reader or to your iGoogle portal. I’m still working on the email subscription to this blog to make it ultra easy for you, but after hours of trying have had no luck.

Don’t forget to send calendar information this week regarding EDIT 6380 for summer Saturdays – I’ll continue to take input through Feb 2. We are looking at Saturdays only and trying to eliminate dates on which a large number of people would have to miss.