June 12, 2008

Back from the GLMA Summer Leadership Institute

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I enjoyed the conference – this one is excellent because it provides Georgia news on a range of topics, all relevant to SLMSs. Plus fun stuff – for example, I attended a session on Second Life.

The agenda for Saturday already has more than enough material on it. Feel free to visit and make your priorities known.

A quick request: if anyone has any of those large poster-size sticky chart pages – we could use 6-8 of these in class on Saturday. I know these are expensive; I make this request only if someone has to happen some on hand with no particular need for them.

Haven’t found the Intellicenter yet? Try this Google Map. In most basic terms, go north on I85 and take the Old Peachtree exit. Turn right off the ramp; look for the McDonald’s, go right again on Sever Road. The Intellicenter comes almost immediately into view – it’s large and on the right.

Now for a quick Q&A about the Bibliography:

Q. For the Bibliography, do we need full APA format or only “resource title and location information?” What does that entail exactly?

A. Here, you do not need full APA format (although it wouldn’t hurt). The specifics required for the assignment are listed under #8. By resource title, I mean the title of the item. By location, I mean which library and its call number there, and any other info you might need to put your hands on the item. The logic here is: if you provide this bibliography to a teacher who decides to use one of the items, where could it be accessed it without needing to do more catalog look-up?