August 20, 2008

Internship: Demographic Survey Forms

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So I said that I’m trying to renounce paper.

Here’s something new. I made a dropbox in WebCT/7460 where you can both download and upload your demographic survey form.

I asked for permission to submit them electronically to the College – and I hope they will take them that way. If so, all paper will be eliminated from this task, along with the manipulation required for sorting, carrying, and storing hard copies.

The due date for this semester is October 4.

Who does this apply to?  Any active intern – meaning, if you are completing any intern hours at all this semester, then you must submit one for your primary site. For most of you, you’ll do one this semester and next semester for the same school.

You do not have to submit them for the other-site visits where you’re just spending a day each to observe.

What if you have two primary sites? (You know who you are!) Yes, you have to complete one for each site.

Confused? If we’ve had any interaction about your internship at all, look in the WebCT/7460 Gradebook under ‘demographic forms required.’  It will list there what you owe. If it’s blank, that means we haven’t gotten that far yet.

I will further clarify as necessary on Sep 13 (our Year 2 internship orientation).