November 3, 2008

Post-Exhibition Update

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The Star Exhibition Day went quite well, I thought!  I will try to “publish” the Wacky Awards list in the next few days.  Congratulations to all.

The following pertains just to EDIT 6900.

I updated your Planner this morning.

Most significantly, note the Design Lesson.  This is an audio for you to listen to before you complete the Design Idea assignment.  It’s on the Planner for the current cycle, but I know how this goes – you are most concerned about your Presentation on 11/15 at the moment.  Therefore, I recommend that you work through the audio when you’re ready to tackle that assignment.  The audio provides verbal content that I would have presented to you in person if we had enough class time – so I highly recommend that you take advantage of it.  Full access details are provided in the Planner.

November 15 Batting Order:  you can reserve this in advance.  One team has already requested spot #1.  The other positions (2 – 10) are open. Email me if you have a preference.

Also, think ahead to presentation file management.  I highly recommend that you use a 2.0 presentation tool, for ultimate flexibility.  I will be happy to link in your title and URL to the agenda for everyone’s convenience.  (I also recommend that you download a backup copy to a thumb drive just in case of network issues.)  If you want to use Powerpoint, use the old Office software or bring it on a laptop; I can’t load these files on my website but could provide WebCT space if requested. Let’s make every effort to provide access to each presentation for everyone in the class.

As I’ve said many times before: always have at least one backup avenue any time you do a presentation with technology.

Enjoy your week!  Take time to vote!