June 24, 2008

Wedding Week Updates

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Here’s a quick post as I wait for an arborist to arrive (if he comes, his crew will be the first I’ve been able to engage to work on my standing-but-damaged trees), and I need to go shopping this afternoon for wedding miscellanea. I’ll be so glad when life returns to normal! It’s hard to get any actual work done.

But here are a few tidbits:

Are you studying for the GACE? Here is a sanctioned study resource. Thanks to Andrew for this contribution.

Idea from one of your service projects:

When you don’t have a lot of time to catalog a new resource, find its MARC record in PINES and print it out. Stick it in the book (or, in this case, a DVD) and lay aside for your next catch-up cataloging opportunity. Highlight the most useful parts of the record for typing in. Idea from Sharon Mitchell; contributed by Angie F.

As promised, I’m recording my text marginalia in a file called “KR Notes by MAF.” Today I finished typing up through chapter 3. I’ll update the file as I go along, and announce here when I complete a chapter (which will simply be added to the end of the file.) Here’s where I express some opinions, some pragmatic adjustments, and quotes of highlights and key concepts.  These are the “takeaway” ideas that I want to remember, and hope you will remember, from this text.  It might provide a good review tool; use it as you see fit (but don’t post it anywhere or share indiscriminately). Access this file from WebCT/6380/Resources.