May 2, 2008

You’re finished! Well, almost

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I have lots of updates for you over the next few days.  I’ll start with the most critical today.

  • Holly’s baby is here! Audrey arrived on April 30 at 11:23am, weighed 9 pounds 7 ounces, and is 22 inches long. Congratulations!
  • Do the course eval! It’s open now.  So far, 15% have already completed it.  I will bug you about this often until we get to 100%.
  • All Order projects came in. We’ll contact you if a file can’t be opened, etc.  The team is already hard at work.  We will work on determining course grades first; I will go back with a fine tooth comb a bit later to determine the definitive scores.
  • We are nearly done with your field experiences (which were, on the whole, excellent!) and hope to post grades over the weekend.
  • I’ve started working on the Cataloging class.  In a few days I’ll start communicating with you about that, in case you want a head start.

And now, some words from Beth:

About Internships: I have read all the contracts I have received and responded to them.  All Gwinnett interns, I compiled a list tonight and responded “got it!” to everyone’s message board who posted for Gwinnett.  Grading the finishers (from Cohort 6), understandably, has to take precedence for about the next week.  If there are real time issues (and there are a couple of you in this situation) I will still be on the lookout.

Please send me an email through WebCT with your e-permissions if you have not done so.  (I hardly ever check that email, so please don’t use it for any other reason, but will check it over the next few days.)