May 22, 2008

New baby; KR and Bib questions; class notes

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Several updates today!

First a big congratulations to Earl and family on the birth of London Rose, May 21, at 12:20pm. “Mom is good and big sister is excited,” says Dad.

A big shoutout to Kristie Michalowski for receiving the national Intellectual Freedom Award! This is a Really Big Deal. (Remember, she came and presented to EDIT 6340, and judging from your reflections, made quite an impression about the importance of good Selection Policies and following careful procedures.) Read about it at the GLMA Blog (which you really should be reading anyway).

Notes from class are shaping up. Thank you to the notetakers! Send your Gmail ID or email address to Christa to gain access through GoogleDocs.

Finally, two questions about the KR Assignment and this pertains to the Bibliography as well:

I have used Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) because I have not been able to locate a copy of Sears, so I have been using the online LCSH resource. Through the reading, I do understand that Sears is most used in schools, but because I have not been able to locate that resource is it acceptable to use LCSH for the assignments since I can access that online?

My answer:
If you have a choice, go with Sears. LCSH are ok if you don’t have access to Sears; once you get to the point of knowing the LCSH heading, translating to Sears is pretty easy, if that ever becomes necessary. Most school libraries will, unfortunately, probably have a mixture due to vendor preference for one or the other. Theoretically, we prefer Sears for schools and in a perfect world we would be consistent throughout the catalog. That level of perfection, I’ll wager, is very rare and probably not a high priority for most SLMSs.

KR Question:

I have started the text exercises, and have one question. For the “answer” to the items we create, do we just need to show ONE answer? It seems that there could be multiple answers that would work. Do we need to include multiple answers?

My answer:

Generally speaking, if there is more than one answer, I would say “one possible answer is:…” and just develop the one, but also say that multiple answers are possible. Make sure your one answer completely answers the question, of course.