April 30, 2009

Reminders and updates

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Tomorrow is the big day!  Everything due.

Of the several submitted so far, I’ve finished only one – and it was submitted weeks ago. Obviously, I have a lot to do next week!

End-of-semester progress:

  • Course evals: 75% submitted.  Great!  Of course, I’m hoping for 100%, but this is a really good start.
  • All but one of you has submitted both Research and E-permissions.  This is fabulous, and I’ll just bug that one person about this henceforth.  This is really super, because they’re technically not due until tomorrow!  Thank you.

One more item of progress:  remember those Lesson Plan Menus mentioned in class awhile back?  Anne Marie gathered them for us, and obtained permission to share.  Find them in WebCT/7460/Resources/Lesson Menus.  You’re on your own with the Microsoft Publisher format that these are in.