March 27, 2008

Selection Policy Debrief

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I finished grading all of your Selection policies.

They turned out well, several extremely so. This time, two sets of eyes evaluated each policy. I read every word myself, as one of those pairs of eyes. Admittedly, in some places I worked fast. Overall I was able to focus on important spots and gave them due attention. Thanks to Beth and Stephanie for reviewing half each and helping me to get a running start on each one.

A trouble spot for several teams was this requirement: “Proactive steps are taken to prevent censorship and self-censorship.” In the Order, this requirement shows up again. So, I thought I would provide a few pointers:

  • The big idea is to be proactive as well as reactive. The Reconsideration procedure helps you with the reactive portion.
  • In a Media Committee meeting, discuss the difficulty of self-censorship and ask them to help detect signs of bias.
  • Use selection tools to select for materials in topic areas that seem edgy, difficult, or prone to challenge.
  • List as one of your selection principles that you and the committee will formally reflect upon the possibility of self-censorship on an annual basis.

These are just several ideas. Any one would satisfy the requirement.

Now, for your reading pleasure, here is an incomplete list of Target topics from your projects. It’s incomplete because I didn’t always remember to jot these down as I went along. If shared, you might be able to use the work of others (with permission!) as you formulate orders in the future.

  • hilo leisure reading for upper elementary EIP students
  • science-related biographies aligned with GPS
  • chapter book fiction
  • graphic novels (high school)
  • audiobooks
  • science curriculum support
  • social studies curriculum support
  • books of interest to boys
  • diversity materials to reflect demographic changes: books and magazines
  • contest-related books: HRRB, Reader’s Rally, Battle of the Books
  • professional journal subscriptions focusing on GPS changes
  • Spanish titles, Spanish/English dual language titles
  • literature circle program titles, 3rd grade

Here’s a random item: principle vs. principal. It’s a good idea to learn which is which.

Scores will be posted in WebCT by Saturday. See you at GUC!


March 24, 2008

After-Easter Update

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I apologize for a week-long silence – I’ve been buried in an avalanche of evaluative reading on several fronts.  Part of this reading avalanche has been the Selection Policies.  Progress has been made, but I still have a long way to go.

Something I have accomplished: the Order Tags are now done. As you finish up your Order Draft this week, don’t be concerned with these too much, if at all – but I’m happy to have these ready for you.

Now to close with some Q&As regarding the Drafts:

Q: What does “Provide an active link to the appropriate policies” mean?

A: You may either reference your Selection Criteria (especially) and any other parts of the Selection Policy that come into play directly, and/or provide a web link to where that policy might be found (like on your assignment page). This is an expectation for the Order, not necessarily for the Draft.

Q: Procedures and Processing Checklist:  Are both of these the same thing?  Do we need to discuss procedures in the top of the document when we are going to document them with the Processing Checklist near the end?   

A: The Processing Checklist should become a genuine tool you can use in future.  It will likely reflect most of the procedures that I expect to see applied in this whole project.
I don’t believe this is of much concern in this draft, since components are mostly not expected to be complete.  For the Order, we will take them wherever we find them. I’m not expecting to see “extra'” sections to explain procedures. Most will appear in your Processing Checklist or elsewhere.

Q:  “New materials promoted”:  Could this appear only in the Procedures section and in the presentation to the Media Committee or do we need to discuss them up top too?

A: This is an important procedure to include, and it can appear on your Checklist or elsewhere.