August 21, 2008

EDIT 6900: Cycle 1 elements complete

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As you asked, I’m announcing today that all elements for Cycle 1 are complete.

Access the entire list from the planner.

Specifically, I added a written discussion about the topic “What is Research?” based on all the readings assigned.

Second, I commented verbally on the Gordon article.  This was fun – I had never used the Wimba voice tools before. On the downside, there is a five-minute limit per file.  On the plus side, that’s almost enough and it’s good to be succinct – but it was also very easy to do, and didn’t require outside software.

Everything starts at the Planner.  I will always try to provide the instructions for “how to” and “where is” there.

There are no deliverables or outputs for these new elements. Consider them the kind of thing we would have done in class, if we had time.

I now consider the Cycle 1 Planner to-do list complete; I won’t add any more without an extraordinary reason.

Let me know if something doesn’t work!